Perth Defensive Driving Academy teaches you the skills for safe, confident driving.

We understand that learning to drive can be challenging and nerve-racking, our cool calm collected instructors help take the pressure off.

Enjoy learning to drive as we show you the right safe way to drive your car, whether manual or automatic.

Perth Defensive Driving Academy instructors hold Certificate IV qualified Driving Instructor and Driver Trainer Assessor which is nationally recognised, National Police Clearance, Working with Children card giving peace of mind.

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I have been taught by driving instructor Myriam keane from Perth Defensive Driving Academy of a few weeks before I took my test. Myriam is patient when teaching by correcting mistakes and briefing on crucial aspects of the test that examiner expect. I especially enjoy her step by step teaching method. She is always ready to answer my questions whenever I was unsure about the technicalities of driving.Most of all, she will adapt her teachings to your progress.

Doug Ling.

First of all, I would like to say thanks to my instructor Myriam for helping me getting my very first driving license.In the beginning, I went for Perth Defensive Driving Academy (PDDA) simply because they offer a reasonably cheap rate of $50/hour for their driving lessons (average rate in Perth is about $60/hour). This of course has saved me a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, I soon found out on my first lesson with Myriam that I had made good use of my money. Myriam is one of the two instructors of PDDA, who teaches in manual car driving. Needless to say, she is really experienced in both driving and instructing other people to drive. Myriam was exceptionally patient and understanding to me throughout the entire course. On our first lesson, she carefully assessed my level and previous driving experience so that later on she could customise the course to suit my strengths (for example, very observant, quick reflexes) and weaknesses (easy to get nervous, lack of confidence)
Keen Lam

During the course, Myriam was also receptive to my thinking and actions, thus provided prompt and useful feedbacks so that I could continuously improve my skills and get the best experience from the driving hours.When it comes to road rules, not only did Myriam help me familiarise with the enforceable regulations, but she also taught me how to be a courteousdriver, respectful and considerate to other road users.I passed my driving test after 12 lessons. I am now very excited to get my first own car and drive it on my own.

Keen Lam

The driving instructor Myriam at Perth Defensive Driving Academy made my learning experience a pleasant and relaxed one. they would suggest a quick drive around to clear my head if I was having difficulty with a certain manoeuvre and would constantly give advice throughout the lessons. myriam picks up on your weaknesses and will throw you exercises to help you gain proficiently and confidence in that area. It is thanks to Myriam I managed to pass on my first attempt, and would highly recommend them to any new Learners.

Jeremy Norfor.

Myriam made driving a breeze and her calm relaxed and patient approach to teaching abled me to pass my test on the first shot easily, it was a really enjoyable experience having her as my instructor.

Marshall Walker.

I would highly recommend Myriam for her professionalism and experience. Her patience and efficient teaching style allowed me to develop necessary driving skills and confidence.

Yuichi Yano

As an adult learner, I wasn't sure Id be able to pick up the skills as well as younger learners. But with Myriam she gave me both the tools and the confidence to pass my practical within a short period. She had an incredibly calming effect and respectful way of imparting her knowledge. I enjoyed my lessons with her and have since recommended her to others.

Cherie Tay

Myriam is a fantastic instructor. She taught me everything from road rules to how to successfully drive a manual car in various, oftentimes stressful situations. Myriam's calm demeanour and the professional yet relaxed atmosphere inside the car enabled me to gain the skills I required to not only pass the driving test, but to feel confident of my own driving skills. Something which I will always be grateful for.

Martin Job

I would like to thank my Instructor Myriam for passing on her wealth and knowledge to me becoming a responsible driver. She was very experienced and practical which gave me all the skills and confidence I needed. I highly recommend this instructor to anyone looking for quality driving lessons.

Mark Coso

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